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8 Tips to Improve Customer Retention Blog

Simplifying that process will give your customers peace of mind and also encourage them to come back to your ecommerce store. When it comes to ecommerce, delivery and returns are two of the biggest consumer concerns. The way you manage last mile delivery can help you stand out from the competition and retain customers. Regardless […]

How to Pay With Crypto

It’s a peer-to-peer system that can enable anyone anywhere to send and receive payments. Get paid in Bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency payments from your website, with email and SMS payment links, or over the phone. Growing adoption attracts teams who set up versatile payment gateways, but picking the best solution requires careful consideration. You will […]

What is Crypto API Trading? A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin APIs

The API reflects this, with endpoints for retrieving account balance, listing orders received and even creating new users. Returns a list of sub-merchants you’ve previously created. Retrieves the details of a sub-merchant by the unique sub-merchant ID (NOT the external_id), which was returned from your creation request. Invoice objects will be created when there are […]