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Udhyam, a rural entrepreneurship project housed under Metores trust, is trying to solve Migration as a problem in the state of  Uttarakhand due to non-availability of livelihood opportunities or absence of livelihoods in the region.

Udhyam believes in creating entrepreneurs who create employment for themselves and some of them create additional jobs for others. They also become role models and help others start businesses. This leads to an overall increase in the employment opportunities. With more employment and business opportunities people in rural Uttarakhand will have choice to either stay back or migrate or come back to the hills.

Till date Udhyam has funded & mentored over 400 entrepreneurs in 4 hill districts of Kumaon region over the past 6 years and supports 200+ new entrepreneurs each year.

Metores Trust

A trust registered with Section 12A and 80G of income tax

Metores trust which was established in 1981 has one mandate

“to work in the areas of livelihoods and education and give back to society a little from the large amount we have taken”

In Uttarakhand there are several projects that are supported by Metores Trust including Udhyam, Pahad ke Rang, Mountain Music Festival, IABT, Happy Children’s Library and Himalayan Public School